About Me

I’d like to start this blog with a reasonably detailed description of me, it’s author.

I am a 19, soon to be 20, year old anime fan based in the UK. I will be starting my university course this coming September, a dual honours in English and Japanese (what a weeaboo right?). I love learning languages and have experience in this field before and so I thought I would combine my love for languages with my love for Japanese media and pursue Japanese. I have been teaching myself for a year but aim to really get good once I start having formal lessons.

I am also very interested in makeup and have a makeup blog as well as a youtube channel that I recently started (0 subscribers so far) where I plan on uploading cosplay videos as well as anime reviews and stuff. I love Japanese music and my favourite band at the moment is Silent Siren, as well as Korean Idol groups and western pop punk/hardcore/emo sounding stuff.

My next post will detail the kind of anime I tend to favour at the moment followed by my anime history, this week’s posts are basically going to be a get to know me and my tastes before I start with actual reviews. I know I don’t have any readers at the moment, which is fine, but it would be nice if the potential readers I might have in the future could get to know me a little. As I said in my previous post, this blog is primarily about me and developing my own skills and I don’t expect to gain a large or even small following at all. However, with practice this may become a useful tool in improving my analytical skills.

I guess that wasn’t particularly detailed, honestly, but yeah! That’s my brief introduction. If you’re interested in makeup please look to momoirokitten.wordpress.com and if you like cosplay, kawaii fashion and makeup as well as anime talks and personal videos follow my youtube channel!

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